best post tensioning company in saudi arabia

The Best Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia: A Quick Overview

Post tensioning is a method of placing concrete structures under compression, in areas where load causes tensile stress. Every post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia reinforces or strengthens concrete materials, with high-strength steel bars or strands, referred to as tendons.

The post tensioning companies offer pre and post tensioning work along with ground engineering, structural strengthening and repairing services and provide end-to-end dewatering solutions.

Post tensioning in Saudi Arabia is quite common and done in all kinds of construction projects. Hence, there are quite a few renowned and reliable companies that specialise in post tensioning service in Saudi Arabia, but the most trustworthy, professional and renowned among them is Strong Force MGC.

Profile of a Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the structural and geo technical contracting company are usually specialised in post tensioning work. Post tensioning company such as Strong Force MGC are known for value engineering and construction solutions and continues to evolve and adapt top-notch latest technology and resources for seamless execution of projects.

Dewatering services have witnessed significant growth in the region, indicative of their critical nature. For instance, the industry statistics highlight the evolving dynamics of the dewatering sector.

Types of Work by Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

Most of the renowned construction and structural engineering companies are expert in pre and post tensioning.

Pre tensioning is a method of stressing ad reinforcing inside area of a huge steel buttresses, followed by casting the concrete around the reinforced area. This only happens in a precast manufacturing facility, where the pre casted slab is transported to the site.

The post tensioning method is the installation of the high tensile cables at the site, instead of stressing them inside the steel buttresses. Here, post tensioning company workers place the high-tensile cables on the slabs, pillars or columns, constructed at the site. The cables are covered in ducts or sheathed to avoid damage. Post tensioning on pre-stressed slabs or masonry walls helps in executing the construction work seamlessly.

Uses of Post Tensioning in Construction Projects

post tensioning in saudi arabia

Post tensioning is a crucial part of majorly all construction work, particularly where there is a risk of tensile stress. This is seen during construction of bridges, walls, and columns. Post tensioning in Saudi Arabia is also done during the construction of residential foundation walls, parking structures and residential and commercial buildings.

Post tensioning service in Saudi Arabia is also done to produce a crack-free tennis court and to augment the strength of existing structures to resist seismic forces. Placing slabs on grounds, where the soil is mobile is also done by a post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, concrete tanks are also post tensioned to avoid the risk of leakage or crack. Masonry walls are also post tensioned with steel bars to strengthen the foundation. Moreover, any concrete surface that needs to carry or accommodate load comes under post tensioning service in Saudi Arabia.

Post Tensioning Companies: Services Offered

post tensioning companies

The services offered by every post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia like Strong Force MGC are mostly construction-related civil, structural and spatial services. Here’s a quick note on this.

Post Tensioning Concrete as a material is weak in tension and strong in compression. Through post tensioning compressive stresses are included in the concretes and this makes them stronger and resistible to external forces like seismic forces. Post tensioning in Saudi Arabia is an essential part of any construction project like residential and commercial buildings, bridges, and cemented water tanks to avoid the risk of cracks and joints.

Why Construction Companies Specialise in Post Tensioning

Majorly, all the leading construction and civil engineering companies in Saudi Arabia, such as Strong Force MGC specialise in post tensioning activities. But do you know why it is so crucial? Take a glance.
  • Post tensioning in Saudi Arabia reduces the risk of cracks, shrinkage and formation of joints. By enhancing the tensile strength of the concrete, and by making it stiffer, a construction engineer can achieve long spans with thinner concrete sections. Even if there are cracks, the post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia uses the latest technology to hold the cracks firmly and does not allow them, to enlarge.
  • The process of post tensioning enables you to build slabs on fragile and soft soil. Every post tensioning company use this method to lengthen the spans on floors and pillars and place supporting slabs. Concretes resist compressive forces. Through this method of post tensioning, compressive stresses are induced to reduce tensile stresses.
  • Post tensioning in Saudi Arabia is also done to reduce shrinkage. Putting the concrete through compressive forces resists the development of shrinkage cracks, which are quite common in most cemented constructions. The more the concrete is squeezed or compressed, the lesser the chance of developing shrinkage cracks.
  • The method provides longer spans, thereby reducing structural floor depths.
  • Thus tensioning service in Saudi Arabia results in large column-free areas.
  • You can plan and execute fast construction cycles when the concrete is tensioned. Moreover, every post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia makes the construction seamless and gives a lot of architectural freedom to the designer.
  • Post tensioning means less material handling on the construction site and storage and involvement of lesser manual labour at the site.
  • • Every post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia ensures lesser environmental impact, as reduced concrete and steel volumes are required.

Materials Used by Every Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

Post tensioning involves high tensile strength materials. So most of the post tensioning companies based in Saudi Arabia, use very high-strength steel strands such as beams, walls, slabs, columns, bars and bridges. Ideally, a steel strand used for post tensioning has a tensile strength of 1861 N/mm2. Moreover, steel strands or beams have a diameter of diameter of 12.7mmØ or 15.2mmØ and are stressed to a force of 228 N/mm2 with the help of a hydraulic jack.

Other Services by Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

Every company, offering post tensioning in Saudi Arabia are expert in ground engineering work. Services like micro piling, ground development, construction wall and slope stabilization are done seamlessly.

Micropiles are free deep foundation elements. They are mostly used for upgrading, strengthening, slope stability, underpinning, laying of structural foundation systems, inaccessible site applications and development of, offshore, sensitive structures. This part of ground engineering work is done to overcome the differential settlement issues.

Ground checking and development is an integral forte of every post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia. The company is involved right from the initial stages of inspection, checking, soil testing and land evaluation. The company even suggests land reclamation and soil treatment methodologies for better development.

Construction of the cut-off wall is also another work, executed by the post tensioning service providing companies. Projects near the shore or underwater projects, like the building of tunnels, shafts, deep excavations and basements always have the risk of seepage. Popular names like Strong Force MGC construct shorelines built cost-effective cut-off walls, which control seepage and reduce dewatering and waterproofing expanses.

For excavations and tunnels, slope stabilisation is a must to execute construction work. Many companies like Strong Force MGC- a leading post tensioning company, through analysis and design, stabilise the slope and make the project stable.

Projects Run by Leading Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

Like many other companies, Strong Force MGC- a leading post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia is involved with quite a few leading residential and commercial projects. In charge of pre and post tensioning work, the company is known for expansive and popular projects in Bahrain, UAE, Malaysia and Nepal.

Post tensioning work at Diplomat Tower, Reef Island Bridge, Water Bay, Memaar Tower, Seef Avenue, Canalview Arial, Catmaran Towers, Khalifeyah Library, Madinat Salman Housing Project, and Marassi Residences in Bahrain are seamlessly executed by this company.

Moreover, not only residential and commercial complexes, but Pearling Path UNESCO World Heritage, Pearl Path Pedestrian Bridge, Saada West Development in Muharraq and American University in Bahrain are also managed by this post tensioning company.

Not only in Bahrain, the leading post tensioning companies even work on diverse projects in UAE, Malaysia and Nepal. All the civil work including pre and post tensioning and dewatering services have been executed by leading companies known for post tensioning services in Saudi Arabia. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Prince Court Hospital and YTL Residence in Malaysia, Dubai Airport Terminal 3, AIReem Island Zone E2 and Danet Mall in UAE are some names from the list.

Wrapping Up: The Forte and Expertise of Post Tensioning Company in Saudi Arabia

Every renowned post tensioning company in Saudi Arabia like Strong Force- MGC specialise in pre and post tensioning work. Known for providing steel strands, beams, pillars, bars or columns to concretes, especially in low-tensile strength sites. This process reduces the risk of concrete collapse, and reduces the risk of formation of shrinkage cracks. Post tensioning ensures smooth and quick execution of construction projects. 

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