Repair and Structural Strengthening Services

Strongforce MGC offers comprehensive in-depth analysis and solution in repair, structural strengthening and restoration of all kinds of structures. Structural strengthening and repair is required in existing structures due to various reasons such as increase in the loadings as part of new architectural requirements, construction errors, design inadequacy, accidental damage like fire exposure, chemical attack on concrete surfaces and deterioration of old structures which have exceeded their design life. With a team of experienced engineers, StrongForce MGC provides cost effective solution to its clients by undertaking complete investigation of the structure and then prepares a detailed report and code compliant calculation based on test results and detailed site visits. We provide turnkey solution by providing our services from the initial concept stage to the successful completion of the project. By detailed planning and using well trained specialist team experienced in working in this field, We have successfully completed several projects worldwide in the last 20 years. We offer our expertise in wide range of Repair and Structural Strengthening Services:
  • Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthening
  • External Post tensioning
  • Steel Plate bonding and Steel Brackets
  • Structural Section Enlargement
  • Repair and Restoration
  1. Fibre Reinforced Polymer Strengthening:
    Fibre Reinforced polymer(FRP) materials are used for structural strengthening of various kinds of structures or for elements like Column strengthening, Beam Strengthening or crack prevention and reduction. There are mainly four types of fibres that are commonly used, namely carbon, glass, aramid and basalt fibres.

StrongForce MGC chooses cost-effective appropriate material after a thorough analysis of structural elements. The selection of material is a very critical process and hence the selected material must be compatible with the existing substrate which can extend the service life of the structure.  

The benefits of FRP strengthening are summarised below:

  1. Light weight and High Strength
  2. Easy and faster rate of installation
  3. Joints and Lapping can be avoided
  4. Architectural intent of structure is not compromised.
  1. External Post-tensioning

External Post tensioning system provides a structurally safe, robust and economical solution for strengthening of different kinds of structures. This technique comprises of a combination of high strength prestressing strands and external anchorages to improve the deformation and cracking behaviour of the structure.

The principle of external post-tensioning is similar to the traditional prestressing method which is inducing axial load along with the hogging moment. This increases the flexural capacity of the section and significantly improves the service life of the structure. External Post-tensioning will also reduce service deflection and vibration. The tendons can be straight or draped using deviators depending on the strengthening requirement.

The following are the benefits of this method:

  1. Cost effective solution
  2. Strengthening forces are applied only at the desired location
  3. External tendons can be installed and adjusted with ease around utility pipes and ducts.
  4. Strengthening can be carried out rapidly and with low weights of additional components
External Post tensioning sfmgc02
  1. Steel Plate Bonding and Steel Brackets

This technique is associated with increased stiffness of reinforced sections by bonding steel plates of the required thickness to the concrete surface. This method enhances the shear and flexural strength of the concrete section. The steel plate is bonded to the concrete surface with the help of adhesives and anchors and acts as externally bonded reinforcement.

Bonding a steel plate to the concrete section increases the moment of resistance of the section. This technique can be applied to all kinds of structures as it improves the load-carrying capacity.

  1. Structural Section Enlargement

This technique involves the addition of additional concrete and reinforcement to existing concrete elements. This additional concrete can be structured to increase the capacity of an existing member or can be a protective layer to improve the durability of the element.

This technique is applicable for elements like beams, Columns, and Walls to increase its load carrying capacity and as well as to improve stiffness. The bond between the existing and new concrete is critical to ensure an increase in stiffness and load-carrying capacity. This technique is possible in locations where it does not create an architectural and MEP conflict. Section enlargement is used to increase flexural, Shear, and Torsion and in some cases to reduce the deflection and vibrational limits which in turn will improve the serviceability criteria of the element.

Concret restoration sfmgc01
  1. Concrete Repair and Restoration

The term repair or concrete repair refers to any replacement or restoration of a part of a concrete element or surface. Effective repair of deteriorated portions of a concrete structure cannot be ensured unless there is the complete removal of all the deteriorated portions.
The repair and restoration are important to improve the structural integrity of the element, improve the durability of the structure and have a watertight surface. Sometimes restoration is adopted to improve the aesthetics of the structure. Better durability will extend the service life of the structure.

Concrete can deteriorate with age and also due to reasons like Chemical attacks, Corrosion, Mechanical impacts, Physical attacks, Spalling etc. StrongForce MGC not only provides a remedial solution but also evaluates the reason for the deterioration of concrete elements since we believe that Causes and effects are related to each other. Repair techniques involve the application of high-strength mortar, chemical injection, cathodic and anode inhibitors, anticorrosion protection, protection against chemical agents, Shotcrete etc. The in-house presence of experienced structural engineers helps us to propose techniques in-line with standard internally accepted repair codes and guidelines. This eventually assists us in providing our clients with suitable and cost-effective repair techniques.

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