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Strong Force-MGC is a Structural & Geotechnical Specialist Contracting Company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our organization was founded by visionary leaders in Malaysia over 2 decades ago and has since then grown significantly in size and strength. The history of Strong Force-MGC is one of passion, ambition, tenacity, people and teamwork. We are a company defined by powerful partnerships and our capacity to deliver with certainty. We are fortunate to have a culture that continues to thrive and evolve, helping us to attract and retain the best employees and maintaining best practice standards. Our philosophy and the ultimate goal is to provide the best value engineering and construction solutions built with craft and creativity which would move our clients’ businesses forward. We still believe that today. We help our clients benefit from the full potential of our in-house engineering solutions and products. As we were born in technology, naturally we excel at delivering solutions that make a deep impact. We do it through obsessive attention to detail and bring with our deep expertise in designing, engineering and executing—all to create efficient results that truly connect with the industry needs.

Message from Founder / CEO

Pattis Naidu

Established in Malaysia in 1998, we have steadily and successfully constructed ourselves a stable business platform as a Structural and Geotechnical Specialist. We have embarked on a journey that saw us in many prestigious and iconic projects that has defined our achievements. 
Having come a long way these past 2 decades, we have had our fair share of trials and tribulations that have been a challenge to our capabilities. 
Our philosophy to make our clients comfortable by providing professionalism has met with our utmost goal of client satisfaction and projects that we can be proud of. 
With more than 50 years in the industry and our team with the finest employees in the construction field, we are poised to take on new challenges and deliver the best with our cutting-edge technology and skills that we believe are the key to top quality construction. 
Looking forward, we aspire to expand into new territories beyond our presence in Asia and the Middle East.


“We believe in employing, developing and maintaining the very best talent in the industry, challenging them to find and follow a better way and deliver excellence for our clients whilst leaving a lasting legacy for the communities in which we operate”.


“To provide the best value engineering and construction solutions built with craft and creativity which would move our clients’ businesses forward”.


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Holding true to our core values of offering value engineering solutions to our customers have earned us unparalleled reputation within the construction industry


Value Engineering

We provide a clear and detailed analysis of how best to meet the goals of any project. Thru innovation, and embracing emerging technologies and processes, we reduce construction costs thru our designs, maximally reduce risks and prolong a project's life span without compromising the functional objectives.



We comply to high industry standards as well as practicing good business ethics

sfmgc customer centric

Customer Centric

We work as one team by understanding our people, holding to our values, to ensure that we deliver to our customers what we promise



We look at every projects in its entirety and bring together the best solutions for our customers


Sustainable Construction

Our goal is to contribute to a safer and greener planet and build a better place to live in. We are committed to the well-being and safety of our employees. We aim to minimise our impact by reducing CO2 and waste thru our design and building materials. We are committed to sustainable purchasing and ensure our supply chain meets the codes of conduct in business behaviour.

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